Eight Team Effectiveness Indicators

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 14 of Northouse (2018) and Chapter 2 of Oededekoven (2018). Locate the eight team effectiveness indicators (Northouse, 2018). Develop a strategy to use two out of eight indicators to improve the performance of an organizational team that you have observed or were part of during your career. In support of your strategy also incorporate at least one of Oededekoven’s (2018) six C’s of teamwork into your discussion.

Team performance indicators are achievement measurements meant to evaluate the success of a team in a particular activity or engagement. Performance indicators for teams include, include clear elevating goals, result-driven structure, competent team members, collaborative climate, external support and recognition among others. These are used by leaders in decision making to determine how well-suited the team is for the performance of a particular task…….

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